Yogi Premium CBD Oral Strips – Relax + Sleep

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Pack of six cartridges

CBD Strips-Relax Formula promotes relaxation.  Good for anxiety, stress relief and general well being.

CBD Strips-Relax+Sleep Formula contains everything in CBD Oral-Relax plus melatonin to promote a sound and restful sleep

CBD Oil at times is difficult to hold under the tongue as liquid tends to disperse.  Our solid film contains the same amount of CBD per use as the CBD Oil.  Solid film is a quick dissolving and is easy to hold under the tongue to realize the full effect of each usage.  Sublingual bypasses the liver and is absorbed directly into the blood stream.

Package contains 6 cartridges. Each cartridge contains 10 strips.  

Each strip contains 20-40 mg of full spectrum THC free CBD Distillate. 

Our products are, THC Free and All Natural. Our strips formulation may require considerably less CBD content per strip of product to deliver the same benefits.

Ingredients: Film material plus CBD Distillate, flavoring agents, diabetic friendly sweeteners

Made in USA!


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